Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

There has been a very rare sighting of the species of student leader known in Latin as staffus orientationus .  Known for their love of all things Hofstra-related, they have an unbridled passion for their university and in helping students with questions and concerns that are academic, social and co-curricular in nature.

Scientists have observed that this species of student leader is commonly seen in groups of two and four mostly in the summer months.  They sport matching clothing, carry clipboards and can be seen leading students in groups of 12-17 across campus.  Parents and students have remarked that this type of student leader is very patient and understanding while being asked questions about university polices and procedures and seem to enjoy working long hours.  A sub-group of the species is known to display a flair for theatrics - they often perform plays in the summer evenings at an event called "True Life I'm A Hofstra Student" in which they dramatize what it means to be a a college student. It is a common misconception that this type of leader requires little or no sleep.

Recently, scientists have discovered that these student leaders meet in small group settings along with their "leader" administratorus orientationus in the spring to recruit new student leaders to join their ranks. A recently obtained sketch indicates that they will meet three more times this spring to share their experiences from the past summer and hope that new students will be inspired to join them.


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