Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Paid Internship at HBO

My name is Elizabeth Tillman, and I am entering my 3rd year at Hofstra as a marketing student in the Zarb School of Business. During my sophomore year, I was selected to be a final talent pool candidate of the T. Howard Foundation, a nonprofit organization offering paid internships within the multimedia and entertainment industry to minority young men and women. Because of the T. Howard Foundation, I landed a paid internship last summer at HBO in Manhattan where I worked in one of their marketing departments.

Working with T. Howard and interning at HBO were some of the most enriching experiences of my life. At the beginning of the summer, the T. Howard Foundation held a comprehensive two and a half day orientation where we were able to meet fellow interns and media professionals from companies like Showtime, Discovery Channel, and more. The orientation consisted of various workshops and panels which gave the interns the opportunity to develop various professional skills, including how to network effectively, deliver a sharp elevator pitch and more. I was able to take the information from the orientation and apply it to my internship, which enhanced my overall performance. My supervisors recognized my professional sophistication, courtesy of what I learned from T. Howard, and they offered me another internship for the following fall.

The T. Howard Foundation has helped jumpstart my career as a marketing professional in the multimedia industry, and has given me a distinct competitive edge when I begin applying for jobs upon graduation. I encourage all diverse students to apply today to T. Howard to learn how the foundation will make a positive impact on their professional careers!

If you are a diverse student and want to learn about paid internship opportunities in the media industry, then come to the T. Howard Foundation’s information session tomorrow, Wednesday, October 2nd during common hour in Breslin 106.  See you there!

~Liz Tillman, Marketing Major, Class of 2015


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