Wednesday, October 8, 2014


As a student at Hofstra University you as a person and an individual, matter to this institution and establishment. After all, where would a school be without its students?

I want to ask you something simple: Do you want to make a change and let your voice be heard? Do you want to help improve the Hofstra Community? Well, I have a great opportunity for you!

The Student Government Association is having its Senator and Justice elections and we need you to make your voice heard. The job of the Student Government Association is to:

1.       Cultivate healthy community and culture, here at Hofstra
2.       Provide resources for all students and undergraduate clubs
3.       Advocate for students, while addressing and investigating their issues and concerns

Simply put, SGA is here to serve and support, YOU, the student. We’re students just like you. We make sure that we give 100% to ensure that your needs are met and that this Hofstra community, advances while we are here.

Everything we do, everything we dream of, everything we implement is for you! So please help us out, by voting in the elections!

Voting is easy! Elections start on Wednesday, October 8th and Thursday, October 9th. To vote, log onto your portal, click on the student tab to the left and then click on the voting banner.

There will also be a voting booth and kiosk in the Student Center Atrium on Wednesday and Thursday! Please come up to us to talk about voting, who you want to vote for, and how you want us to be a voice for you as students!

We’re here for you, so please give your input. Nothing we do as the Student Government Association matters, without you, the student.

See you at the polls!

Your Excited President,

Mark Atkinson


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