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Goodbye winter, HELLO SPRING! The 10 Best Spring Tips.

Goodbye winter, HELLO SPRING! The 10 Best Spring Tips.

Spring means flowers, blue skies, green fields, and the warm feeling of sun that brightens your day. Shake off the winter blues and get in the spring spirit. With the longer daylight hours and the warmer weather approaching, we all should make it a goal to be more active and enjoy springtime to its fullest.

Here are my Top 10 Tips for a healthy and joyful spring at Hofstra:

1. Listen to Music that Celebrates Spring

All of us have a favorite artist or type of music that makes us want to sing out loud and puts a smile on our face. Spring is a time of joy and love, thus whatever music makes you cheerful, is the music that celebrates your spring.

2. Clear your Mind

Get rid of any negative thoughts. Don’t hold on to past mistakes or grudges. Replace all those negative spirits, with positive ones. Clear your mind and begin to think about your goals, plans, all the positive things in your life and start dreaming. Dreams are the start of something great.

3. Eat Healthy

Start fueling your body with healthy, nutritious food. You won’t believe what an impact this will have on your overall energy and happiness. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They are yummy. Obviously, reward yourself with some chocolate. Chocolate makes you happy and sends out all those endorphins. That is a must to my “diet.”

4. Be a Frequent Visitor at the Hofstra Fitness Center

It’s never fun to work out on your own. Take some great classes offered by the Fitness Center and hard work will turn into fun. Everything else will come by itself. They offer a great variety. Take your pick between Zumba, Jazzercise, BCT, Yoga or Cycle class. Needless to say, your body will love you for it.

5. Beach Time                                                                                                                                             
Who does not love the beach? Personally, it just reminds me of vacations and good times. Even if it might not be warm enough yet to go for a swim, there is nothing more fueling, calming and at the same time cheerful to me then the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean. A long beach walk is a definite must. Long Beach and Jones Beach are nearby.

6. Splash in a Puddle                                                                                                  
We all know springtime is not just sunshine but also brings rain. What is better though than rain on a warm day. Wear your funkiest and most colorful rain boots and be sure to splash those puddles and go back to your childhood for just a few minutes.

7. Grab a Blanket & Enjoy Hofstra’s Gorgeous Flora                                                                                                                                                                 On a sunny day I love to bring a blanket and layout in front of Memorial Hall to soak up the sun and gaze at the beautiful flora Hofstra has to offer. Give it a try, it’s amazing for the mind and great to relax. Where’s your favorite spot on campus to soak up some sun?

8. Ralph’s is a Must

Any Hofstra student should know about Famous Italian Ices. No matter what your taste is, you will find it. My favorite is strawberry cheesecake and peanut butter and jelly ice cream. Delicious. And please don’t even waste a minute thinking about calories. Yes, you should eat healthy, but still eat what you love. I guarantee Ralph’s makes happiness, literally. At this point, I do have to confess, my teammates and I went to Ralph’s every single day during preseason. Sorry coach! That season … most successful season.

9. Attend Hofstra’s Musicfest

Musicfest at Hofstra on a warm spring day = fun times. Attend Musicfest on May 5th presented by Hofstra Concerts and OSLA. Great music, a great crowd and lots of great memories guaranteed.

10. Spring Cleaning

I never thought I would ever put this one on my list, but it can be rewarding. Have fun doing it. They actually have mops you can put on your feet to clean. I got pink ones. Slipping Hazard. Besides, there are many ways to make this fun. Turn that music up loud and get your friends to help. It will feel great afterwards. And please, don’t forget to reward yourself when the work is done. Make a trip to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself.

Follow those tips and I will guarantee you an amazing spring. Welcome the season with open arms.

Spring Fever!


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