Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Irish Festival - Discover The Irish In You

This past Sunday, everyone seemed to be Irish at the 14th Annual Irish Experience Festival.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the ideal day for the Irish Festival at Hofstra. The festivities were a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day early to extend the fun activities and kick off celebrations a week in advance.

The crowd was as diverse as it can get. The Irish Festival was a great event for everybody whether old or young, Irish or not, male or female, there was something fun and interesting for everyone.

The Irish Festival celebrates the Irish gifts of music, food and culture to America. There were a number of music and dance performances throughout the day, as well as a variety of vendors and food. If you wanted something unique, something Irish, this was the place to go. Vendors from throughout Long Island, New York, New Jersey, and New England attended the festival to portray their Irish roots.

Everyone was covered in green with fun heads and customs. This was such a great event and adding to that it was for a good cause. All net proceeds benefit the Hofstra University Scholarship Fund.

I really enjoyed watching how people in the U.S. celebrate their ancestry and roots. It always has been amazing to me when friends tell me about all their various backgrounds, as most Europeans just have one single ancestry. I for example, am only German. I love the multiculturalism. It is this melting pot atmosphere that I really love about this country.

It is great to see how all those cultures come together into one community. This week everyone is Irish so get decked out in green and find the Irish in you.


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