Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RA of the Month!

The Office of Residential Programs likes to recognize Resident Assistants each month who go above and beyond in their role as an RA and stand out as truly inspiring individuals. For the month of February we want to congratulate Brittany Hinds, Gareth James, and Nicole Burke for their outstanding achievements!

RA of the Month:

Brittany Hinds: RA in Bruekelen House in the Netherlands. Brittany has been an RA at Hofstra for three semesters. She started working in the Graduate Residence Hall and then moved to the Netherlands this year; certainly not an easy transition! Brittany has an amazing attitude and personality. She is outgoing, personable and really takes the time to get to know the staff and residents. She has great relationships with them and is willing to help a fellow staff member in need. She knows quite a bit about her residents and their concerns, and is always caring and sensitive to the needs of first-year students. Brittany is exactly the opposite of the typical outgoing, burned out RA. She is three months shy of graduation and has already secured a job, but has only increased her dedication and hard work for the department. Thanks Brittany for all you do!

Program of the Month:

Presented by Gareth James and Nicole Burke. This dynamic duo presented a program creatively named “A Kiwi Is Coming”. This program was excellent and successful on several levels: Gareth James is an international student from New Zealand. He used this program as a way for residents to get to know more about him, learn about another country and learn about what it’s like for international students at Hofstra. The staff hosted a jeopardy game with a variety of facts about Gareth’s home country and information about international students and the unique challenges they face. Many of his favorite snacks from his home country were available for students to try. The event was titled, “A Kiwi Is Coming” because a kiwi is the national bird AND a fruit from New Zealand which was one of the trivia questions in his game. Awesome job Nicole and Gareth!

Stay tuned next month to see who the winners will be for March!

-Becky Christiansen

Graduate Resident Director


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