Friday, March 2, 2012

Student Counseling and Eating Disorders Awareness Day

Just coming off an informative and moving day yesterday where Student Counseling helped students check their eating habits and body image concerns as part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Day. Over 50 students completed the screening measure and countless others stopped by to gather information about eating disorders and how these disorders affect college students. We had a great turnout for our evening program as well which included speaker Aviva Braun, LCSW, who specializes in eating disorders and body image and spoke to students about the different types of eating disorders, treatment options and how to help others.

We were also lucky enough to have Project Heal co-founder and Hofstra student Liana Rosenman join us as well to give a moving account of her own history with an eating disorder and how she was able to not only overcome the disorder but co-found a not-for-profit organization ( It’s a great organization that works towards raising money for others who suffer with eating disorders but can’t afford treatment.

Thanks to our wonderful presenters for providing us with such thorough information about this very important topic!