Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Herstory Month Reception

It's finally March and Hofstra is celebrating Women's "Herstory" Month, kicking it off with the opening reception earlier today.

Every woman has a story and many of them have very special ones.Women's Herstory Month honors the history of women and their role and empowerment over time. Even more important though, it is told from the view of a woman. Women tell their stories of struggles, strengths, empowerment, education and growth. Their stories come from heart and personal experience, which make them so real and relatable.

Even though nowadays women outnumber men in American colleges, this has only been a recent trend. Women's history and empowerment have come a long way with a long road ahead still.

There are still many work fields, where men clearly outnumber women. Some of those areas are computer science, engineering and mathematics. Those areas are the so-called STEM fields. There is a lack of such areas in the U.S. overall, but specifically a lack of female participation. Hofstra does support a center for STEM research and encourages change and growth. Once women start learning more about such fields in their early childhood as now introduced, soon to be, we will have many female scientists, mathematicians and engineers. And who knows, women might soon outnumber men here too. I personally made a start with choosing to pursue a Masters in Computer Science.

We also have so many women at our university that are the epitome of growth and strength and have their own story to tell. One of them is Chaundra Daniels, who was the keynote speaker of today's Herstory Month Reception, organized by the Office of Multicultural and International Students.

Chaundra Daniels always seems to be the center of attention. With her impeccable charisma and sense of humor, she catches everybody's ear. It was inspiring to hear her talk and learn about her accomplishments and the big heart she has. Chaundra helps out many people in need to keep dreaming and make those dreams become a reality by getting them focused on an education and a career.

The room was filled with so many strong females who also work in the Student Affairs Divison and Chaundra invited them all to stand up, to honor all those amazing women.

The opening reception was a great introduction for many more Herstory Month events to come. Go listen to those strong women out there. They are right near you, maybe just right next to you. They inspired me and I am sure they will inspire you.

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