Monday, March 12, 2012

Housing Selection

Housing Selection is now in Order!

All the locations and dates for info sessions.
Students living on campus have been figuring out which residential hall they want to live for the Fall semester of 2012. A lot of students have been asking and trying to figure out how the process works. Residential programs have set up dates in each residential hall that will help provide the information that you need! Cannot make it to your own building’s meeting? That is fine.  All the information at these sessions apply to everyone, be sure to stop by one!  

Here are some of the important questions that residents have been asking:
Q: What are the eligibility requirements to participate in room selection?
A: You must:
·         Be a current resident and have lived on campus for 8 semesters or less
·         Pay the $300 housing deposit by the established deadlines
·         Meet NY state immunization compliance
·         Have no outstanding balance on your student account at the time of deposit
·         Register as a full-time student for the Fall 2012 semester by Friday May 25, 2012.

Q: There’s a lot to do! What order do I do it all in?
A: First, meet all eligibility requirements. Secondly, pay your housing deposit. Thirdly, update your housing application. Lastly, participate in whichever process you select on the dates advertised.

Q: What if I miss my dates to participate in selection?
A: Residents who have paid their deposit but have not selected a housing assignment by the end of the housing selection process will be contacted by the Office of Residential Programs with further information about how to proceed.

Q: I’m homesteading and my roommate is not returning to the room. Does my roommate have to do something in order for that to work?
A: Yes! Your roommate, must also update his or her housing application to indicate that they will not be homesteading their space. After they do this, you will be able to pull another student into that space. Graduating students do not have to participate in the selection process.

Q: I want to live in the co-ed housing option that was recently advertised. May I do that online?
A: Students who wish to apply for the co-ed housing option must complete a paper application with the Office of Residential Programs on March 19, 2012 in room 244 Student Center. Applicants must still submit their $300 housing deposit by the advertised deadline.

If you have other questions be sure to visit the Residential Programs website or check out the ResLife Brochure at:


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