Monday, February 6, 2012

The Big Game at Hof USA

Hopefully you made it out to Hof USA last night to enjoy the end of WinterBlast weekend with your friends watching the Game! Whether you were there for the game, the commercials, the halftime show or the camadraderie everyone had a blast! Student Leadership and Activities collaborated with Resident Student Association (RSA) and Lackmann Dining to put on a great event for all Hofstra Students. The event began at 5pm with FREE appetizers and continued with many great food specials offered from Lackmann each quarter.

Whether you wanted wings, sliders or, a meatball hero they had it all for a deal; although I had it from a good sources that the brownie sundae is the BEST at Hof USA :) We ended the night how we started with FREE food...icecream sundaes and rootbeer floats!It was great to see over 300 students throughout the event. Over 150 stayed for all 5 hours of the event to enjoy the festivities with friends.

Even after the game a group of students continued to discuss the game and got to see The Voice. I had a great time meeting new students, and dissecting the halftime show (was it good, was it bad...) and catching what ended up to me a very exciting game throughout the night. As a football fan dating back to elementary school (I am from Buffalo so you are either a Bills fan or you have nothing to do for the winter :) )I sure enjoyed the safety, the drives and the dropped balls at critical moments.

I hope you came out and if you didn't I hope you are able to join us at Hof USA as we continue to build programming in the newly renovated space. We have a special "First Friday" program each first Friday of the month (in March it's cookie and cupcake decorating) and every other Fridays of the month we have Karaoke (all Friday programming starts at 7pm). Plus look out for our special St. Patty's Day Friday event; Friday March 9 at 7pm. This is the prelude event to the Irish Fest on campus being hosted on March 11. A great game was played last night by both teams and we are looking forward to this becoming a traditional event on, see you next year!


  1. i heard it was alot of fun! wish i had checked it out!

  2. All of my friends who attended said it was a great time! Wish I could have been there! Sounds like it was a lot fun!