Thursday, February 23, 2012

SGA Leaves a Legacy: Kicking Off 2012 with a Revamped Constitution

With growth comes change, innovation, and a redefined purpose. With an effort to focus their perspective and lens, Hofstra’s Student Government Association has worked diligently over the last six months to revamp, update, and streamline their Constitution and Policy Series. Armed with the revised pillars of Accountability, Equity, and Presence, the seven senators on the Constitutional Convention Committee completed their revisions of the 70-page document and prepared for their presentation to the Senate on February 9th in the Cultural Center Theater. The Senate debated diligently, remembering the importance of taking their own personalities and biases out of the positions since they were putting forth a document that has remained unchanged for over a decade, and would be their legacy to Hofstra University. After six hours of debate and amendments, the proposed Constitution and Policy Series passed unanimously!

Some of the highlighted modifications and additions include: a strictly enforced attendance policy and new cap for number of senators, firmer accountability of club office spaces including an annual application for office space, a more equitable financial process with bi-annual budget weekends allowing clubs to request money on a semester basis, a stronger presence in the campus community through fall elections targeting first-years and transfers interested in getting engaged early, and a Programming Board that will be open to senators and non-senators tasked with planning campus-wide events throughout the year. The Student Government Association is excited to put these changes into effect with the swiftly approaching election season! They encourage new faces to run for a Senate position as they are always looking for new energy and innovative ideas. If you know a star student looking for a new leadership experience and an opportunity to represent their constituents, perhaps this is their chance! Let them know they can contact with any questions. I know I speak for many when I congratulate this year’s Student Government Association for achieving such an undertaking with diligence, commitment, and pride.


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