Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spread the Love!

It's Valentine’s Day and Hofstra has been offering many fun events to spread the love.
There are events for everybody whether you prefer the classical Valentine’s Day experience of a chocolate tasting or something more unconventional as the “modern” love humor by Wendy Williams.

“Let’s Talk About Love” with Wendy Williams was a unique experience. If you are tired of all the “sugarsweet” couples, movies, restaurant, and love quotes on Valentine’s Day, you would have certainly enjoyed Wendy Williams. Students submitted questions about love beforehand and Wendy Williams gave advice, coupled with a great sense of humor. Students asked many interesting questions-- questions you probably ask yourself. What do you think?

Is love and emotion or an ability?
How can I break the ice without being too straight forward?

Wendy Williams gave advice on all those topics. How to break the ice? – “With a smile and eye contact. That always works.” Is love an emotion or an ability? – “Love is an emotion, but emotion is an ability”. I certainly had many laughs at “Wendy’s Talk” and enjoyed this more atypical Valentine’s Day experience.

The unconventional Wendy Williams Valentine’s experience was great, but I can’t help to still be somewhat romantic during Valentine’s Daytime. And I mean, who does not love chocolate…

I certainly do. I convince myself that the idea that chocolate makes you happy is not a myth. That’s always a great excuse, and so was the “The Taste of Chocolate” event.
Yes, it is a more typical Valentine’s day experience, but after all, it was more than that. The event offered many different kinds of chocolate, including somewhat more adventurous flavors as chocolate with bacon, beer or sea salt. I was skeptical at first, but it certainly tasted good. This was a great occasion to go spend time with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. It was a classic romantic event with still a bit of “spice."

I loved both of the events. There was something for everybody. So go Spread the Love on campus and we hope you enjoyed all the Valentine’s Day events offered.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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