Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yesterday, the class of 2014 had an amazing opportunity to learn about leadership opportunities, involvement in campus life, and the impact of these opportunities from a completely different perspective. For the first time, the Class Programming Committee implemented a recruitment-style program for the sophomore class that focused on what students really want—information but from the student-leader perspective. Leadership positions from Orientation Staff to Student Conduct Board Members, to Pride Guides were represented in yesterday’s Sopho(be)MORE event…but you didn’t see me behind the Orientation Staff table—you saw some pretty awesome Senior OL’s, who are already on staff for summer 2012!

The concept came to the committee after lengthy discussions about what does a sophomore really need, what are they looking for, and what are we hoping to communicate to them during this important time? With the insight of student leaders to guide this discussion, we realized we want sophomores to be more involved, engaged, marketable and of course, LEADERS!

In addition to providing the sophomore class with leadership and involvement opportunities on campus, there were also stations for resume critique, DAR reviews and scholarship information setup. This year’s event also brought in an alumni perspective of how their involvement and leadership positions have helped them in life beyond Hofstra!

The Class Programming Committee received excellent feedback from the students who attended and we are looking forward to growing this program into a new sophomore class tradition!


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