Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing It Safe - Fire & Personal Safety

The Office of Off-Campus Living and Commuting Student Services had a great turnout at our "Fire and Personal Safety" event, and our students were offered amazing safety information in return. We want to thank the members of the Hempstead Volunteer Fire Department, the Hempstead Police Department and the Uniondale Fire Department for taking the time to come meet our Hofstra students.

Some highlights that we took away were; every private house is legally supposed to have a fire alarm and CO2 alarm near every bedroom, everyone should plan and practice and evacuation routine, check to make sure that windows can easily be opened, and keep stairs and hallways clear of clutter. Click here for more fire and personal safety information.

-Anita Ellis
Director of Off-Campus Living and Commuting Student Services

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  1. Its good to see people taking fire safety seriously, its a suprise how many people dont considering the amount of advertising and the fact that its now the law!!