Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hofstra Intramural Sports Goes Online With IMLeagues

Starting this semester the Intramural and Recreation Department has gone green and simplified the intramural registration process by moving to the online intramural league program, IMLeagues. We are really excited about this new technology and how easy it is to use! Students began registering teams last Tuesday, with registration closing on Friday the 3rd. So far, the website is a hit! We have gotten great feedback from team captains and players alike.

With IMLeagues, not only is registration easier, but adding members to your roster, viewing your teams’ schedule and staying on top of your ranking is simple and easy! No more last minute texting your teammates about an upcoming game. Updating your teammates about cancellations and rescheduled games is easy - you can send them an update via the IMLeagues Message Center.

This is going to be a huge semester for intramural sports with over 67 teams registered for volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball and indoor soccer! Soccer will be played on Sundays, volleyball on Monday and Tuesday nights and 3-on-3 basketball takes the court Wednesday and Thursday nights. Games started last night and the competition is fierce! If softball or flag football is more your speed, stay tuned for our multi-day tournaments taking place in April.

Some teams are still looking for Free Agents, so if you are interested in playing it’s not too late! Contact Shaun Fean at shaun.fean@hofstra.edu for more information. We look forward to seeing you and your team spiking, shooting and scoring over at the Mack Fitness Center!

Special thanks to one of our wonderful Grad Assistants, Liz Ulatowski for this guest blog!


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